As the Manager HR in the company currently in a downturn

07 Sep

Management Theory and Practice

Q 1. A large e-commerce company has recently broken off talks for a potential sale. The company has had infusion of fresh funds through a sale. Encouraged by the development; the company is now looking to restructure themselves. You are required to discuss various approaches to Organization Structure and suggest an appropriate approach with reasoning.

Q 2. As the Manager HR in the company currently in a downturn, you realize that managers took bolder decisions when things were better. You are required to study the decision making pattern and suggest to the management an approach that could facilitate effective decision making at tough times like these.

Q 3. As the Chief Mentor and Coach of the company you are required to mentor and coach the High performers of the company as part of their success plan.

a. Explain the difference between a manager and a leader. Explain with examples the different types of leaderships (minimum 2 styles).

b. Explain any one of the Traditional motivational models and give them examples to discuss.

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