Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection June 2018 Assignment

03 Apr

Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection

1. Performance appraisal has been one of the core functions of HRM. In the scenario today when attrition has increased and cost savings are the need of the hour, do you feel that Performance Appraisal is still a required function? Why?

2. Why is Succession Planning important for companies? Give atleast two examples from Indian / Foreign businesses.

3. A training program on Customer Service was designed for petrol pump attendants in the state of Gujarat. Due care was taken to include matters most relevant to the petrol pump attendants and that would contribute to their productivity. The training program was not found effective inspite of it being conducted in the local language and by experienced trainers.

a. What according to you may be the possible reason for the failure of the program?

b. Discuss factors that should be considered while designing a effective training program.

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