Marketing of Financial Services June 2018 Assignment

01 Apr

Marketing of Financial Services

1. Design a Financial Literacy program for a Mutual Fund (Asset Management Company) of your choice.

2. One week ago you bought an endowment policy from a private Life Insurance company. On receiving the policy copy, you realize that the Life Insurance policy was mis-sold. Would it be possible for you to return the policy? What strategy would you follow to settle the matter with the insurance company?

3. Ashwin Kothari, aged 35 years, is employed with a MNC. His wife Rimmi, aged 33 years, is also working part – time. The couple has two children – daughter Rima aged 6 years and son Vansh aged 4 years. Ashwin and Rimmi require your help to make a few financial decisions. (Give justification and reasoning for the option you would suggest to your client. You can make any assumptions to further build up your case.)

a. Children’s higher education: Child plan of a life insurance company or a Mutual Fund SIP along with a Life Insurance term plan.

b. Retirement Planning: Fixed deposits or Mutual Fund SIPs in a diversified equity fund.

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