Marketing Management

01 Sep

Q.1. (a) From a marketing perspective, what has Guinness done to ensure its longevity?

(b) How would you characterize the Guinness brand?

Q.2. (a) What are the strengths and limitations of the Internet as a data collection instrument?

(b) What is meant by a marketing information system? Discuss, using examples, the main         components of such a system.

Q.3. (a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of co-branding? Suggest two co-branding alliances that you think might be successful, explaining why.

(b) The product life cycle is more likely to mislead marketing management than provide useful insights. Discuss.

Q.4. (a)The marketing of services is no different to the marketing of physical goods. Discuss.

(b) Discuss the role of service staff in the creation of a quality service. Can you give examples from your own experiences of good and bad service encounters?

Q.5. (a)How would you justify the price differences for a cup of coffee that you might encounter if you purchase it in a local office shop versus a top-class hotel?

(b) Discuss how a company pursuing a build strategy is likely to react to both price rise and price cuts by competitors.


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