Marketing Research

24 Sep

Marketing Research

Q.1. Define sampling. Discuss in brief the various sampling methods employed by Research firms to conduct any Research/ Survey with reference to a survey conducted to study the feasibility to open a new restaurant in a residential area of metro city.

Q2. With reference to a Clothing & apparel company define and discuss the various avenues the company has for conducting and Advertising research campaign to market its products. Give your views on the relevance as concluding remarks.

Q3. A corporate catering services in north India, would like to start its catering services in South Mumbai. If you have been hired to carry out marketing research activities for the organisation, give your views/ suggestions/ report for the following:

a) Design a brief questionnaire for the research. Discuss the importance of the questionnaire in a research process.

b) How would you collect primary & secondary data and give the relevance of the same.

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