Marketing Research June 2018 Assignment

01 Apr

Marketing Research

Q1. What is Sampling?

Which kind of sample is being used in each of the following situations:

i. A reporter asks 100 people on the street what do they think of the current state of crime against women

ii. A survey is conducted to understand opinions of people in Gujarat towards the Modi govt. A sample of 100 men and 100 women across all age groups is chosen uniformly

iii. A survey is conducted among neuro surgeons. Starting with the first neuro surgeon, he is asked to refer to another neuro surgeon and so on.

Support with a rationale.

Q2. What is a pilot test? What are the considerations that need to be kept in mind by a market researcher while designing a questionnaire?

Q3. You are the Product Manager of a leading telecom company which is facing stiff competition due to the entry of Reliance Jio.

a. State the management problem(s) that your company might be facing and the corresponding research objectives that your research will aim to cover.

b. Briefly describe the research methods that you would use towards this research.

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