Marketing Research Management

02 Jul

1. Traditionally Marketing researchers for assessing information needs and providing the relevant information, whereas marketing decisions were made by the managers. Briefly discuss why the roles of marketing managers and marketing researchers are changing?

2. Define and discuss problem identification and problem – solving research. Discuss how the two types of research are related. Develop an example showing the relationship between these two types of research?

3. Briefly discuss problem definition and why it is the most important task in the marketing research project?

4. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of longitudinal versus cross-sectional designs?

5. Discuss the uses of non-probability & probability sampling?

6. Give a brief overview of the data-preparation process?

7. Write a short essay detailing what a person or student should do to prepare for a career marketing research?

8. Explain the role of Micro computers in marketing research?

9. Write a short note on “Data Processing Methods”

10. What are the resources available for marketing research, explain?

11. Why television channels like NDTV or CNN prefer to use online focus groups over traditional focus groups? Taking the other view, why would traditional focus groups be preferred?

12. Explain the different approaches to budgeting for international advertising?

13. “Compared with products, marketing of services poses distinctive challenges to marketers” Explain, Enumerate the marketing challenges.

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