Marketing Strategy June 2018 Assignment

01 Apr

Marketing Strategy

1. Inter-Globe Enterprises started its operation in august 2006 with main focus on low fares and best service in the industry. At the point Jet Airways and Air India was leading Domestic airlines in India. Indigo adopted a low frill strategy and emerged as pioneer in changing the face of the struggling aviation industry. Today it is one of the fastest expanding airlines of India

Pls explain the STP strategy adopted by Indigo in Indian Airline segment and also define the Market challenger strategy adopted by them to overtake Jet Airways in terms of market share.

2. Describe in Detail the Pricing strategy adopted by top 3 Smart phone manufacturers in India – Apple, Samsung and Micromax.

3. Online Marketing Strategy – Case study

  • While traditional channels of advertising — TV, radio, and print– are certainly not obsolete, marketers today are finding creative and effective ways to reach an information-hungry, Internet-oriented populace. Marketers and brands alike are trying to reach their target audience through channels that these consumers use most.
  • Internet as a means of communication has given rise to several new marketing tools that may be much more effective and cost-efficient in validating an ad campaign that has high recall value for today’s on-the-go and wired customers.
  • Keeping in mind the changing consumer behaviour, here’s a closer look at the marketing and promotion activities of India Premier Retailing house

Shoppers Stop

  • Of the early adopters of Omnichannel retail, Shoppers Stop has been active in leveraging the potential of digital and social media to market and promote the brand.
  • The company has 7 million fans on Facebook, making it the largest big-box retailer on Facebook in India. The Twitter page has above 15,000 followers and its YouTube channel has received over 13 lakh views till date.
  • Shoppers Stop engages with its Facebook fans by creating unique contests such as ‘Perfect For’ Me that provides suggestions to fans based on their likes, search history etc. The company claims to be the first Indian Retailer to have created a ‘How to…’ series on youtube channel.
  • These were the series of fun, instructive, engaging, and youth-centric videos that give customers fashion and grooming tips. The videos range across topics such as ‘How to dress for a party’ to ‘How to tie a tie’, to ‘How to apply make-up’ etc. Customers also get the choice to buy the products showcased in these videos via the e-store. It also introduced ‘Style Hub’ videos on its YouTube channel. It is a fashion content property that features a set of videos which showcase different styles and looks.
  • The company claims that its loyalty programme is one of the most highly regarded programmes in the retail industry. With over 3.5 million members contributing to over 71 per cent of sales, ‘The Shoppers Stop First Citizen Loyalty Programme’ has been one of the company’s strongest marketing tools – a lesson to learn for other retailers.

a. What strategy must Shoppers stop adopt to compete with Online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal in India?

b. As a Shoppers Stop Marketing strategy head would you recommend A) focusing on brick and mortar (traditional retailing model) or B) divert resources to engage with clients on New Online / Mobile platform? State the necessary reasons for the same.

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