08 Oct


1. Why do organisations implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system? Why is OLTP a critical part of an ERP? What component of ERP helps the Managerial level? Do these components resolve the problems faced by organisations prior to introduction of ERP? Give an example to show the before and after scenario.

2. Educational Institutions are looking for ERP solutions to improve operational efficiency and student life cycle. They need to manage numerous programmes, courses, student and employee performance and records and provide services to students. Indicate how ERP solutions can help them by focusing on the student life cycle and identifying the supporting functional areas. You can take any case study to support your answer.

3. New Products Company receives more than 12,000 customer orders a month, drawing on a combined inventory of over 1,000 products stocked at the company’s warehouse. About 60 PCs are installed at New Products Company’s headquarters which are connected in a local area network to several servers. Orders are received by phone or mail and entered into the system by customer representatives or they are entered directly by customers who use the electronic commerce website developed by New Products Company. Well-designed user interfaces help users follow data entry procedures. The servers store these orders in a database. They use simple database management inquiry commands to get responses and reports concerning sales orders, customers, and inventory to review product demand and service trends. The company has initiated a lot of computerisation but in a fragmented manner. The management of New Products Company wants to revamp its existing system.

a. Indicate how information flows through the various departments in the organization to fulfil an order and identify delay points. (You can make assumptions if required).

b. How can an ERP help them in managing its order fulfilment process efficiently by reducing manual intervention? Indicate at least two points.

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