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1. Assume you have to develop an HR plan for a new generation private sector bank having branches in major towns in India: What specific external factors would be important for you to consider. Why?

2. Training programmes are helpful to avoid personnel obsolescence.

3. Rohit Khurana accepted a new promotion as a manager with mixed feelings. He was proud of having his work recognized, but has some doubts about how he would like the new work. His former job as officer at Delhi Development Authority (DDA) involved regular contact with the general public, recoveries and processing their complaints, meetings with the press and image building. It was a high-profile job involving lot of exposure to media and publicity. With his job role he could build a good picture of DDA in the minds of the general public through advertisements, press conferences and television coverage highlighting the achievements of DDA in developing and constructing residential and commercial properties in and around Delhi. His new job in the administrative wing as manager was essentially a desk job, working with files relating to the applicants registered for various housing projects coming up in North Delhi area. Rohit missed the routine of his old office and the people he had worked with. He had a private office now fully carpeted and air-conditioned, but he felt he really did not have the necessary background for the job. When he submitted his first report on the housing project to the Director, it was nice enough and the Director suggested some changes that in fact meant that Rohit had really got off the track. The Director said not to worry, “We all have to learn a new job”. The more Rohit thought about it, the more he wanted to go back to the old job. But he hesitated for fear that he would be branded ‘a misfit’ by management and thus disqualified for any future promotions.

a. If you were Rohit’s boss, what could you do to rectify this situation?

b. Could this situation have been avoided altogether?


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