24 Sep


1. ‘Yummy Restaurants’ is a Canadian restaurant chain, planning to open up its branches in India and Australia. The CEO has hired you as an HR consultant to help them in understanding the different types of international employees that they need to deal with. Explain to him the functions of international human resource management and the different sources or types of hiring employees, in this context. Explain with corporate examples.

2. Soumita has been working in the London division of the International Group of Hotels for 10 years. Now she has informed the HR department that wishes to move back to India. However, this process of repatriation is not so easy. As their HR head, explain what steps you will follow in the process of this repatriation for Soumita in the hospitality industry.

3. Ashok, the HR Director is a very proactive and a dynamic person. He believes that for building a successful MNC, it is important to give equal focus on both internal and external sources of recruitment. In this context, discuss the following:

a. Explain which different internal sources of recruitment Ashok will choose for an MNC. Give examples.

b. Since Ashok also believes that external sources of recruitment are equally effective, explain, with examples, what sources will he recommend?

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