25 Sep


1. The spa industry in Dubai is currently experiencing growth and spas in Dubai are steadily becoming a pertinent cultural force, influencing not only how consumers care for their health, well-being, and appearance, but also how they work, travel, and socialize. As interest in physical wellness increases, spa therapy becomes increasingly popular in Dubai and is highly recommended by many medical specialists. As a result, spas are challenged with increasing competition. At the same time, customers are looking for “new” and “unique” experiences. You have been employed by Anantara Spa in Dubai to devise marketing plan to increase profitability and market share. Conduct a macro scan of the environment and introduce the brand to Dubai, UAE.

2. Design a marketing mix strategy (4-Ps) for a start-up, brand (can be from any geography) to expand in the global market and offer a practical solution to them.

3. Mango, a strong retail brand with 29 stores in India plans to expand its market share in the premium luxury apparel market.

a. Suggest its value-based pricing strategy.

b. Discuss how changes in consumer shopping behavior can be useful to Mango apparel brand especially in India.


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