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1. A fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company has an established cooking oil brand named “Good Life”. The company enjoys the second highest market share in this segment and is a familiar brand. The market leader in this segment has started offering 1 LTR pouch free with 5 LTR can which has increased the market share of the leader and has decreased the market share of “Good Life”. From a reliable source, the company under-stands that the current promotion of the market leader will be continued for the next 6 months. “Good Life” is contemplating a significant price reduction by offering 5LTRs of “Good Life” at the price of 4 LTRs. They feel that an additional 1 LTR pouch on the 5LTR can would incur cost of production, packaging and the transportation cost of the free pouch, though it already offers a 1 LTR pouch in the market. Some executives in “Good Life” feel that the customer may find a free 1 LTR pouch with the 5 LTR can more attractive and value for money than the price reduction. The question in front of “Good Life” is whether to offer a 1 LTR pouch free with a 5 LTR can OR reduce the price of the 5 LTR can to the Price of 4 LTRs. The company has appointed a market research (MR) firm to find out which option they should adopt. Which research design should the MR firm use to arrive at an answer to this problem? How should be this research design implemented?

2. A leading car manufacturer wants to measure the customer satisfaction of current customers towards the annual maintenance service of the vehicle by its designated service stations. Design a questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction towards the service offered by the designated service stations. Measure the different aspects of the service from the intimation of the service requirement till final delivery and feedback including all aspects of the service. Use appropriate questions and scales in the questionnaire so that the overall satisfaction towards the service station can be derived.

3. A high end SUV from UK has been launched in India. The vehicle is targeted at well educated, upper class, premium customers with a sophisticated life style who enjoy high technology, great driving pleasure and the pride of owning a premium vehicle. The company is planning to launch a new television advertising campaign in January 2022.

a. As a media research consultant, what media strategy will you suggest so that the campaign can reach maximum target audience?

b. Once the ads are aired on Television, the recall and recognition of the ads have to be tested on the next day of airing as well as after the completion of the first month. Which tests will you use to measure recall and recognition and how will you conduct it?


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