08 Sep


1. Explain in detail the various types of plant layout concepts that are available in operations management. Give examples on where each of these types can be employed respectively. Briefly explain which layout would be applicable for a Retail store format.

2. List down briefly the various inventory management techniques prevalent in the industry. Discuss how some of these techniques would be applicable to a General Store in effective management of their inventories; i.e. grocery supplies, etc. (assume several inventories of your choice).

3. A prominent caterer is planning to open up a mid-sized multi cuisine restaurant. Considering his expertise and knowledge in the food and beverages services, he is confident of getting into a full-fledged restaurant operation. You are required to suggest the team on the following points:

a. Suggest a site location for the restaurant, assuming it to be Metro city (you can assume a city of your choice). Give your reasons for the same.

b. What strategy would the restaurant adopt for an Aggregate Operation Plan of resources given a time frame of a year?


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