07 Oct


1. Rajan Kumar is the HR Manager at Big Mart Ltd which is an online company that caters to customers pan India. The company is 3 years old and has been growing rapidly now to cater to small cities and towns. They specialize in end to end products ranging from Apparels, furniture to groceries and more (ref like a Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar). Rajan is considering implementing the Balanced Score Card (BSC) for the company as he believes the BSC can play an important role in the company’s growth. Design a Balanced Score Card for the company covering 2 examples each in the Financial, Customer, Business Process and Learning & Growth quadrants.

2. You are the HR manager at Shoppers Paradise which is a retail store in Mumbai. You are introducing 360 degree feedback process in the company. Design a 360 degree form for the position of Customer Service Executive (CSE). This form is to be filled by the Manager of the CSE.

3. Assume you are an HR manager in an online furniture company which has recently introduced Performance Management System for its employees. The employees are being coached on the concepts and application of the same.

Prepare 2 SMART goals each for the following profiles:

a. Furniture designer

b. Furniture carpenter

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