08 Oct


1. Explain what is Ethics in Procurement & why it is important? You are a Procurement Head of Consumer Product organization, explain any 4 ISM Standards & link with mention industry scenario.

2. You are part of Pharma Company who has grown immensely during Covid times. Your company is planning to set up two more plants for manufacturing of vaccinations. As Procurement Manager help them to evaluate between leasing or buying two factory premises. Please support your answer with reasoning & mention advantages of selected option.

3.a. Oftenly we hear debate that Purchase Requisition is whose responsibility? What do you think? Explain Purchase requisition and its types. Why PR is one of the critical steps of P2P cycle?

3.b. What are various types of Pricing Contracts; why they are used? Explain types, sub types and difference between them in terms of responsibility of buyer or seller.


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