24 Sep


1. Vrundan, is a student of NMIMS and wishes to start his own project. You as a faculty of Strategic HRM guide and mentor Vrundan on how SHRM policies help in strategic management process.

2. IndianGlobal is a Mumbai based MNC dealing in various FMCG products. As an external consultant hired to advise IndianGlobal. Your job is to recommend various possible growth strategies in brief to your client. Also suggest which growth strategy should IndianGlobal use when they wish to grow and expand in the Middle-East Market soon.

3. Neeti is the Head Corporate Trainer of Wellbeing Pharmaceutical. She has already worked with Wellbeing Pharmaceutical from past 7 years where she started as a Marketing executive. Neeti has always been able to train young minds with ease. The HR of Wellbeing Pharmaceutical is now looking forward for some proof or documentation whether these trainings which she has conducted are really effective.

a. Which methods can Neeti can use to evaluate trainings which she has conducted?

b. Suggest Neeti ways to link organizational strategy with Wellbeing Pharmaceuticals.


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