08 Oct


1. Analyzing and understanding the significance of quality cost in production enables an organization in developing quality conformance in a competitive business environment. Explain how you will implement cost of quality in your organization. In your opinion should the organization spend more on cost of good quality or cost of poor quality? Explain with reasons/examples.

2. ISO 9001 specifies the requirements of quality management system. As Management Representative of your organization you have to implement ISO 9001. Explain the steps you will take to successfully get the ISO certification for your organization.

3. Maxx Industry is regularly supplying some critical parts to your assembly line. These parts are either good or defective. During each delivery a sample of 500 units is sampled and the number of defective units in the sample is noted. The average defect rate is 3.5%.

a. Develop the upper and lower control limits (z=3).

b. What is process capability index and what will be your objective in finding the process capability?


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