One of the strategies used by Annie for brand visibility

14 Feb

Business Communication

1. A new café has been set up in addition to new coffee machines in your organization. The new machines, besides dispensing regular coffee also dispense Cappuccino, Latte, and clear vegetable soup. This has made the workplace more interesting for the employees. However, it has been observed by the management that the employees are frequently taking the breaks and are often found relishing snacks at the new café. This has seriously hampered the productivity of the employees. Most of them are now not able complete the usual tasks in the stipulated time. Draft a memo to address the situation politely, requesting the employees to restrict the duration of coffee breaks to a maximum of 10 minutes and to limit the number of breaks to two coffee breaks a day.

2. You attitude is an important element to be observed in business communication. Justify the statement and rewrite the following sentences using You attitude.

a. We give an added discount of 15% if you visit our shop before 31st October.

b. The company will not reimburse the medical and phone bills with this month’s salary if the details and supporting documents are not submitted before 10th of this month.

c. We will give you an extra one-day stay in out resort if you book it for 3 days and 2 nights in the monsoon season.

d. Avail ‘Buy 1 get 3’ offer in the stock clearance sale at Humphrey’s

e. We are giving the facility to pay in easy monthly installments for the latest German built home theatres by Bosch.

f. Our team is always there to address your issues.

g. We now have all out products available in our newly designed online stores.

h. We have a wide network of medical practitioners worldwide available for online consultation.

3. Bennet and Bennet a leading and trusted name in FMCG was established in the Indian markets in 1930. Since then, it has been catering to its clients with beauty products, health and wellness products, and baby products. The company is however experiencing a continuous decline in the profit margins for the last 5 years. Annie Bennet, the heir to Bennets’ Business has recently joined the family business after achieving an MBA from one of the prestigious institutes. She has been updated with the present condition of the business. After making a careful study she has come to the conclusion that one of the leading factors for loss of clients is that Bennets have not adapted themselves to the changing marketing and communication strategies. The pervasiveness of online shopping sites have given the customers the comfort of shopping from their homes. As a business graduate in Digital Marketing, she immediately resorts to online marketing and communication strategies for better visibility and branding of Bennet & Bennet. Within a year the store shows a significant rise in profit and also has succeeded in restoring their old customers.

a. With the fast-changing scenario of using mobile technology for business communication how must Annie have changed her communication strategies/techniques with her clients?

b. One of the strategies used by Annie for brand visibility and better communication with clients, is the development of a website. What should she keep in mind in order to design a successful website for Bennet and Bennet?

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