One of your clients wants to apply for a Home Loan in the next 12 to 18 months

22 Sep

Marketing of Financial Services


1. Explain the concept of Online Marketing of financial services. How is it changing the way financial services are sold in India?

2. One of your clients wants to apply for a Home Loan in the next 12 to 18 months. Few months back the client had lost his job and delayed his car loan repayments. The client is worried that this may impact his credit score maintained by Credit Bureaus. Suggest a roadmap to your client to improve his credit score.

3. You are a Financial Planner. Your clients Ameet (aged 33 years) and Supriya (aged 31 years), have a daughter Rima (aged 3 years) require your help to make few financial decisions. (You can make any assumptions to further build up your case.)

a. Ameet wants to buy a Life Insurance cover within a limited budget. He is confused whether he should buy a ULIP or a Term Plan. Recommend the product best suited for him giving valid reasons.

b. Ameet and Supriya want to invest for their daughter Rima’s higher education for the long term (over 15 to 17 years). They want to know whether they should make lump sum equity mutual fund investments or invest in SIPs of Equity MFs.


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