Organizational Behavior

27 Jun

1. Discuss about the contemporary organizational challenges in Indian industrial scenario

2. What are the “Big Five” personality traits? Which one seems to have the biggest impact on performance? How would the knowledge of the Big Five help you in your job as manger?

3. Describe and critique ways in which organization’s typically evaluate an ‘intervention’; what would you suggest they do to improve their evaluation design and methods?

4. What type of barriers prevent people from changing their attitudes? How can attitudes be changed?

5. Can temporary workers develop relational contracts with the host organizaton? Provide an informed and constructively critical social psychological justification for your answer.

6. Is the term ‘psychological contract’ more useful as an explanatory construct or as a framework for understanding and managing the employment relationship? Defend your answer on theoretical, empirical and practical grounds.

7. Using theories from the organizational psychology literature, explore how a leader can best ensure their team achieves its goals.

8. Describe and explain the difference between culture and climate in both theoretical and practical terms? Use ‘safety management’ as your context for this discussion.

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