Performance Management System June 2018 Assignment

03 Apr

Performance Management System

1. Assume that you have just joined a start-up organization which is around 6 months in existence. Explain to the Founders of the company the elements of an effective performance Management System and putting forward a convincing argument in favor of implementing a Performance Management System.

2. Disha Enterprises is a 5 year old organization in the manufacturing space. The organization has seen challenges likes conflicts among team members and also a growing number of First Time Managers. The organization is deliberating on introducing Coaching and Mentoring in the organization. Keeping the above background in perspective will a Coaching and Mentoring program help Disha Enterprises?

3. Assume you are an HR manager in a small company which has recently introduced Performance Management System for its employees. The employees are being coached on the concepts and application of the same.

a. Explain the concept of SMART goals.

b. Provide 2 illustrations of SMART goals.

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