Principles and Practice of Management

28 Jun

Q1) “Management is the art of getting things done”. Explain and bring out the nature and feature of management?                       

Q2) Define leadership and state the qualities of a successful leader?                       

Q3) What is span of control? Identify the factors determining span of control?                  

Q4) Enumerate and explain the important principles of an Organization?                

Q5) Write short notes            

a) Maslow’s theory of motivation

b) Advantages of delegation

c) Line Organization

d) Selection Process

Q6) Explain the following concept                

 1) Planning                

 2) Decision –Making Organization               

 3) Organization                     

 4) Staffing                 

Q7) Define Performance Appraisal. Discuss two modern and two traditional methods of Performance appraisal?

Q8) What is Organizational Change? Discuss the causes for resistance to change?

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