Production Planning & Inventory

02 Sep

1. In your Opinion, where is India on the trajectory of the changing operations management function? Discuss.

2. How are people important in an operations strategy? Discuss what needs to be done in your organizationand in India, in general.

3. Suppose the average cost of maintenance for a piece of equipment is related to its life as follows:

Period Cost, Rs. Period Cost, Rs.
1 50 7 230
2 70 8 270
3 90 9 340
4 120 10 410
5 150 11 480
6 190 12 560

If the purchase price of the new equipment is Rs.1,600, what is the optimal life of the equipment (whenreplacement with new equipment is done)?

(Assume that there is no salvage value. The firm uses 10% discount rate per period.)

4. Read through the literature and find out what Technology Assessment‘ is? How is it useful tooperations management?

5. What is organizational learning? Is it important for quality? Discuss.

6. How does one ensure that ‘job evaluation evaluates the job and not the man’?

7. Discuss the importance of training in the context of job redesign.

8. Group Technology as applied to a operations system is a human relations technology.‘ Would youagree with this statement? Discuss

9. Should cost be the primary criterion in operations planning? Explain.

10. What role for production and operations management do you foresee in another 15-20 years time in India?

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