Between public sector banks or private banks

16 Sep

Retail Banking

Q.1. With reference to any one public sector bank and one private bank, discuss the top five banking products offered to Retail Banking customers.

Q.2. Recently there has been an advent of alternative banking channels being available at several locations. Give you views on whether these new distribution channels of banking are a boon for customers or are they too many unnecessary distribution of channels.

Q.3. Banking is one of the major service sectors in India. Customer satisfaction has been on the major performance evaluation parameters for the banks. Give your views on the following with reference to customer service given by banks.

a) Between public sector banks or private banks, who do you think is better in providing better customer service and why? What should the other type of bank do to better themselves on customer service?

b) Nowadays almost all banking operations are being offered through mobile based applications. Do you think this is easily preferable by customers, or is it too much dependence on technology? Give your reasons.

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