Purchase Management

03 Jul


1. Why are many executive managers beginning to regard purchasing as increasingly important?

2. What are the differences between a purchase order and a blanket purchase order? What are the advantages of using blanket purchase orders?

3. Discuss the objectives – scope and responsibilities of purchase department

4. What do you mean by source selection? Describe the stages and special aspects in source selection.

5. Explain the buying practices adopted in fluctuating markets and also state their advantages and limitations

6. Name and describe the various methods of buying.

7. Discuss the functional organization of a purchase department with the aid of a chart.

8. Discuss the various methods of evaluating a supplier. Illustrate the methods with an example.

9. Distinguish between Price and Cost. Describe the price – cost analysis to ensure that the price paid is a reasonable one in terms of market, industry and value.


Write Short Notes:

1. The Supply Chain Umbrella

2. Responsibilities of Purchasing

3. Evaluate Potential Suppliers

4. Procurement cards Issued to users

5. Placement of purchasing Authority

6. Management Capabilities

7. Future Global Sourcing Trends



1. What is the Perfect Order? Why do so few Companies measure the Perfect Order?

2. What are the benefits associated with maintaining control of and visibility to transportation shipment?

3. Why is it sometimes advantageous to benchmark performance against a no competitor?

4. The need to reduce cycle time is important. How can purchasing Help in the process?

5. Why do firm single-source Contracts?

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