Purchased goods on credit from Ms. Ritu at Rs 40000

29 Mar

Financial Accounting & Analysis


1. For the following transactions, analyze the accounting transactions using the accounting equation framework:

  1. Introduced Rs500000 through a cheque by the Owner as the Initial capital in the business
  2. Purchased goods on credit from Ms. Ritu at Rs 40000
  3. Paid Rs 10000 as salary to the employees
  4. Invested Rs200000 in a fixed deposit account
  5. Paid school fees of the kid Rs 25000, from the business’s bank account.

Note: (2*5 = 10 marks) 1 marks for analyzing each transaction and 1 mark for correct journal entry

2. You started learning the course of financial accounting and analysis in the MBA Program. You learned about commonly used accounting terms. Discuss about any five terms which are commonly used by the different users of accounting information for the sake of understanding the financial statements.

Student may define and describe about any five terms.

3. From the given information:

Amount in Lakhs
Cost of goods sold 580
Opening stock 40
Closing stock 70
Creditors at the beginning of the year 60
Creditors at the end of the year 100
Cash purchases 45
Original cost of equipment sold 400
Gain on the equipment sold 50
Accumulated depreciation on the equipment 80



a. Total purchases, credit purchases and payment to creditors.

b. Define the term Net book value; Accumulated depreciation calculate the net book value and cash proceeds from sale of investment.


Information Systems for Managers


1. You have been appointed as IT Head of a soon to be opened Retail chain store by the name of “India Retail Store” which will have branches all over India. India Retail store is a Private Limited company. Highlight atleast 5 security threats that a bank may face in today’s times and suggest 5 innovative IT security mechanisms to ensure that such threats do not harm your Retail store chain & that your systems remain as secure as ever.

2. Choose any e-Governance initiative of any country in the world which is aimed at helping the poor & the needy sections of the society. Enlist atleast 10 benefits of having implemented this system for the benefit of this downtrodden section.

3. The city of Mysuru is one of the cleanest cities of India and is in close driving distance from Bengaluru, the IT hub. You have been invited as an external IT consultant by Government of India with a mandate to convert Mysuru into a “Smart City”.

a. Which “Smart” city in the world will you choose as a benchmark to emulate some of the best practices of that city into Mysuru? Provide atleast 3 reasons with brief descriptions behind your choice of choosing that particular city as a benchmark?

b. Suggest & describe atleast 2 innovative technology enabled services that you will introduce into Mysuru so that it can be called as a “Smart city”?

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