Research Methodology

03 Jul

1. Compare ‘verification principle’ of Logical Positivism with ‘Falsifiability’ of Karl Popper and their relevance in Research Method.

2. Discuss the concept of hypothesis, in the light of ‘Falsifiability Criterion’ of Karl Popper.

3. Distinguish between ‘Constitutive’ and ‘Operational’ definitions.

4. What is a Projective Test? What is the advantage of this test over the other forms of tests?

5. Discuss the purpose of ‘Research Design’.

6. Distinguish between ‘Descriptive Statistics’ and ‘Inferential Statistics’.

7. Discuss the theories of Truth and their relevance to Quantitative and Qualitative Research.

8. Discuss ‘Case Study’ method in Qualitative Methodology.

9. Explain ‘Data Reduction’ and ‘Data Display’ in Qualitative Research.

10 Discuss the philosophical foundation of Qualitative Methodology.

11. Choose an area of your interest in Research and draft a Research Proposal with Title, Research problems, Hypothesis, Variables, Quantification schemes of variables, Research Design and Analysis plan.

12. Explain different levels of measurement giving appropriate example of each level.

13. Why is questionnaire still widely used in spite of its limitations? Mention some important points to be kept in mind while constructing a questionnaire.

14. What is validity of a tool? Describe different types of validity.

15. Compare the steps of a qualitative & quantitative research.

16. Discuss Interview as a technique of data collection.

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