Retail Management

02 Sep


1. What is Rainforest Café‘s retail offering and target market?

2. Were malls good locations for Rainforest Cafés? Why or why not? What would be the best location types?

3. Many retailers have tried to make their stores more entertaining. In a number of cases, these efforts havefailed. What are the pros and cons of providing a lot of entertainment in a retail store or restaurant?


1. Is the Build-A-Bear concept a fad, or does it have staying power?

2. What can Build-A-Bear do to generate repeat visits to the store?


(1) What are the keys to making a success from the perspective of the companies investingin it?

(2) Why would a retailer want to invest in a virtual community like

(3) Can you think of other retailers that might benefit from developing a virtual community?


1. Outline the decision-making process for each of the Chens‘ bicycle purchases.

2. Compare the different purchase processes for the three bikes. What stimulated each of them? What factorswere considered in making the store choice decisions and purchase decisions?

3. Go to the student side of the Online Learning Center (OLC) and click on multiattribute model. Construct amultiattribute model for each purchase decision. How do the attributes considered and importance weightsvary for each decision?


1. Is there an overlap in these two consumer segments?

2. Can Wal-Mart changes its image and appeal to an upscale shopper, or should it stick to loyal, cash-strapped customers?

3. Would you recommend that Wal-Mart purchase additional pages in Vogue magazine this year? Explain your rationale.


1. What is the target market of extreme value retailers like Dollar General and Family Dollar?

2. Why are customers increasingly patronizing these extreme value retailer stores?

3. How do extreme value retailers make a profit when their prices and average transactions are so low?

4. Can extreme value retailers defend themselves against general merchandise discount retailers like Wal-Mart,or will Wal-Mart eventually drive them out of business? Why?


1. Evaluate Sports Authority‘s new design in light of the retailer‘s objectives.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of Sports Authority‘s use of specialty boutiques instead of its previouswarehouse format.

3. Develop a promotional campaign for Sports Authority to capitalize on ―the authority‖ image.

4. Do you think the WTSA network will prove to be a major contributor to Sports Authority‘satmospherics or will it turn out to be a fad? Explain your answer.


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