Ryan always wanted to establish his own news agency

21 Sep

Organisational Theory, Structure and Design


1. ‘Fruits Delicious Ltd’ has hired you as an HR Advisor to help them improve their organizational performance. Which internal organizational aspects would you consider that should be aligned with each other for maximum success? Explain the 7S framework in the context of this start-up company. Conclude by giving your opinion on how it will impact performance.

2. Ryan always wanted to establish his own news agency. He had all the financial and physical resources required to begin but he was not aware of the key fundamental elements of an organization. Why do you think these are important? As an HR consultant, help him with this task by designing the main organizational elements. Also, align these with his business.

3. As project leaders, while Sandy believes in enhancing team member’s effectiveness, Mathew believes in focusing on enhancing the overall organizational effectiveness. This difference of opinion always confuses their team members. Now, the senior management has realized that it is high time to get the issue sorted. So, the HR Manager, Steve Hussey has been assigned the task to devise a standardized and holistic process of measuring organizational effectiveness. Along with this, the management has also asked him to come up with a contemporary effectiveness approach that will replace the traditional approaches. Keeping the above scenario in mind,

a. Explain how Steve Hussey will devise a holistic process of measuring organizational effectiveness.

b. Explain which, one, contemporary approach will Steve choose and why?


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