Sales Management June 2018 Assignment

01 Apr

Sales Management

1. Maggi brand of Nestle is contemplating to make a foray in soft drink market. Based on this assumption, prepare selling strategy for intermediaries (wholesaler & retailer) & customer (end user).

2. UCS is into hygiene business catering to hotel industry since last three decades. It is planning to expand its business in other parts of the country. As a Sales Manager draft a suitable sales action plan for UCS.

3. Papper-mint is a new brand of casuals which is to be launched in niche segment. The product line consists of T-shirts, jeans, cotton trousers, watches and eye-wear. The brand is targeted at the younger audience. The brand is to be marketed through the franchise stores which will be exclusive and on retail boutiques.


a. Design a Selling Strategy to be adopted between the company & the franchise.

b. Suggest suitable compensation methods which you will follow for the employees.

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