Sales Management

27 Jun

1. New Indian consumer goods company would like to enter Indian market, you being their Sales Director what are the steps you will initiate, explain each step with one example.

2. One of the Indian Pharma company you have recently joined them as their Head of Sales and Marketing of pharmaceutical generics, you will notice that, the company is not able to sustain sales as per their annual sales budget, due to several low price generics manufacturing companies which was affecting their top-line and bottomline. Work out how will you take care this situation and work out a effective strategy to improve the revenue generation and expand the market at the same achieve topline and bottom-line as per the sales budget.

3. Indian Industrial chemical manufacturing company well established in West zone covering 4 states, now they would like to expand their market geographically in the South zone covering 5 states:

a. Work out sales team deployment in each state, and explain basis of your deployment and how will you carry out recruitment.

b. What is the basis you will choose the specific state for your market expansion programme.

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