Services Marketing

24 Sep

Services Marketing

Q.1 As a Marketing Manager of an upcoming private sector Bank, you are required to plan the 7 P’s of Services Marketing.

Q.2 Prepare a questionnaire for Imagica focus on customers perception on the services offered & the quality of service offered.

Q.3 Read the following Case & solve the questions given:

Crossword is one of the most well know retail book-store in the country. It has around 40,000 titles at any given point of time. In order to enhance customer experience it focuses on physical evidence & innovative promotional activities like:

  • The store conducts activities like ‘Pictionary’ contests & annual fair with Santaclaus aimed at making the place reader friendly
  • It offers coffee & people can browse through books with music playing soothingly in the background.
  • Various promotional activities are offered to loyal customers.
  • Books & shelves are placed & arranged in a manner to suit customer needs comfort & preferences.
  • Crossword is constantly striving to introduce something new & innovative in order to encourage the customers to frequent the store more often.


a. Explain the importance of physical evidence to enhance the service experience & give your suggestion for the same.

b. What are the promotional tools that can be used by crossword to increase its customer base?

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