Shipping Management

03 Jul

1. Describe the organization structure of a shipping company?

2. List different ways of deploying the ship commercially and briefly describe at least one?

3. What considerations need to be given in determining the technical management of ships?

4. Describe the importance of having a proper crew management system?

5. Bring out key features of ship management contracts?

6. What roles does the commercial, technical and crewing department play in a shipping company to efficiently deploy and operate the ship? Describe each of them?

7. Discuss various methods of ship acquisition?

8. Describe the reasons for Shipping Conferences. Write an essay on salient points dealt in such a Conference?

9. What are the conditions for the contract of Carriage of Goods by Sea?

10 Describe in details ‘‘Targeted Customer Relationship Management’’ – related to profitability drives of a Shipping company?

11 What are the types of Marine Policy and what are the fundamental principles involved in Marine Insurance?

12 What are the challenges that the container shipping lines are facing? What solutions that are suggested towards development of container shipping?

13 A very strong and effective technical management team enhances the profitability of the shipping company. Do you agree? Explain with reasons?

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