Software Project Management

03 Jul

1. You have been appointed a Project manager for a major software products company. Your job is to manage the development of the next generation version of its widely used word-processing software. Because new revenue must be generated, tight deadlines have been established and announced. What team structure would you choose and why? What software process model(s) would you choose and why?

2. You have been asked to develop a small application that analyzes each course offered by a university and reports the average grade obtained in the course (for a given term). White a statement of scope that bounds this problem.

3. Use the COCOMO II Model I to estimate the effort required to build software for a simple ATM that produces 12 screens, 10 reports, and will require approximately 80 software components, Assume average complexity and average developer/environment maturity. Use the application composition model with object points.

4. Develop a spreadsheet model that implements one or two of the estimation techniques described in this chapter. Alternatively, a acquire one or more on-line models for software project estimation from web-based sources.

5. A system has 12 external inputs, 24 external outputs, fields 30 different external queries, manages 4 internal logical files, and interfaces with 6 different legacy systems (6 EIFs). All of these data are of average complexity, and the overall system is relatively simple. Compute FP for the system.

6. Give at least three examples in which black-box testing might give the impression that everything’s OK, while white vox tests might uncover an error. Give at least three examples in which white-box testing might give the impression that “everything’s OK,” while black-box tests might uncover an error.

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