Spread across 100 countries and its headquartered in India

14 Feb

Organisational Behaviour

1. During lockdown when human face to face interactions were reduced and social distancing was a priority lot have people have watched videos on Youtube and learnt/tried a lot of D.I.Y. things and processes like make-up tutorials, food recipes, home care etc, the core foundation of watching others and doing was given as a part of which theory, by whom and in which year. Also state the 3 core concepts of this theory.

2. Your team members need some change in behaviour, you discussed this with your friend John. John recommends Law of Effects he felt it works on humans very strongly. John couldn’t remember the theory. Could you predict which theory is John referring to, who proposed this theory. Which four methods can be used in this theory for controlling behaviour of employees?

3. Spread across 100 countries and its headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,40,000 people. Tech Mahindra is one of only three Indian companies to be included in the Bloomberg 2020 Gender-Equality Index. They are constantly creating a transparent policy, valuing individual differences. For Tech Mahindra, diversity of every kind is of importance. Be it diversity of one’s nationality or someone’s age, be it about gender, also about thoughts, or their abilities. In fact their constant endeavor is building a workplace that is ‘intentionally’ varied and diversified in every way possible.”

a. What are the lessons to be learnt from Tech Mahindra Gender-Equality Index?

b. What practices would you recommend other Indian corporate houses to enable change of diversity and sustain it.

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