Store Management

02 Sep

Q. 1: Describe Open & Close Store Systems? When can it be employed?

Q.2: How does ERP resolve Typical Problems faced by organizations wanting to automate materials management? Describe different reports generated under ERP for use by different functions.

Q.3: Describe ABC analysis. How is it used to control inventory. What are different stock levels determined to control inventory? How are they calculated?

Q.4: If proper stores Ledgers are maintained for each material, Bin Cards are not required for stores control. Do you agree? Why?

Q.5: What measures are required to prevent thefts by outsiders? Would you recommend use of stores manual to train stores employees in safety & security? Why?

Q.6: Damage to materials can be avoided by proper segregation of materials in the stores. Explain.

Q.7: What are the requirements for handling, storing and packing materials as issued by international  organization for standards under ISO 9000?

Q.8: Who should manage the scale of scrap? Sales manager or purchase manager? Why?

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