Answer to Financial Accounting and Analysis # 11115

15 Jun

This pandemic situations has drawn the attention of a lot of individuals to actively watch and participant in the Indian financial market. As a life-long learner, you also decide to understand the fundamentals of certain companies listed on the stock exchanges in India. One of your friends advised you to look in to the various techniques of financial analysis, as one of the way of evaluating the financials of business entities. You are done with getting an understanding about various techniques of financial analysis. Elaborate any five of the said techniques for financial analysis.


Financial Accounting and Analysis


3. Take Britannia Industries Ltd as a case. In the context of its financial statements and annual report answer the following

a. It’s a largely acceptable practice among the corporate entities to pay dividend to its shareholders. Take Britannia Industries Ltd as a case. Discuss and differentiate the types of dividend the company paid for the financial year 2020-2021. Also, mention your understanding about what could be the accounting treatment of Dividend in the books of Britannia Industries Ltd.

b. Discuss and share your understanding on any three profitability ratios which you feel relevant to assess the profitability of the company.


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