Warehouse Management

03 Jul

Q1. If you are in charge of an warehousing department what steps you will take to understand, its basic and formulated and structure

Q2. “Haphazard” inventory management is great cost. How will you take of:

(i) FMCG Goods

(ii) Perishable Goods

(iii) White Goods

Q3. As an auditor what will recommended for:-

(i) Unaccounted good

(ii) In process losses

Q4. Enumerate five major steps to put Management Control System for:-

(i) In Flow material

(ii) Scrap Materials

(iii) Issue and receipt of material

Q5. You have a diversified team to undertake stock what suggestions/rules you will put to them for:-

(i) RM

(ii) PM

(iii) WIP (Work in progress)

Q6. Enumerate the cost involved in selling in scrap material.

Q7. Give guidance to your coy to monitor/control inventory there IT Methodology.

Q8. Give your perception on spare part management so that your CEO, accepts the idea.

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