A well-established and famous fast food Company from Bangalore

16 Sep

Sales Management

1. The famous herbal company in India known for its herbal food supplements, decided to get into more specific segment of metabolic disorder viz Diabetes, they formulated herbal food supplement for Diabetic patients. As a sales director of the company how will you work on your geographical spread and what is your plan of action to reach to your target audience.

2. A well-established and famous fast food Company from Bangalore who are already well known in Indian market for their ready to cook Indian food items and masala. Now as a strategy, to expand their business they enter into ready to serve Indian breakfast food like Upma, Poha etc. in 3 minutes. According to you, does this product directly compete with famous brand of noodle, where they do talk about 3 minutes noodle or they are creating a new segment for themselves, discuss in detail.

3. One of the largest consumer electronic company in India well anchored in the urban market, realized that they have almost reached saturation in their growth in urban markets, as a strategy to trigger sales growth, they have decided to enter rural market:

a. Do you think the decision of the company was right or it is a disaster to enter rural market to trigger sales growth; give your point of view with logical reasoning?

b. As a head of Sales what will be your strategy as far as sales force deployment without affecting current coverage of urban market and without going for new recruitment for new rural market coverage.

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