What are the specific problems with Marie’s current compensation program

16 Jun

What are the specific problems with Marie’s current compensation program?


Essential of HRM

1. Assume you are the HR manager in a highly homogenous company that now wants to better reflect the diversity of the target client group in its employee population. What must you consider as you think about implementing your new recruitment strategy?

2. Why do you think organizations can only achieve competitive advantage by investing on human resources and not on any other resources? Describe the transformation that HR underwent over the years. Discuss how the various challenges contributed to the evolution in HR.

3. Case study: A New Compensation Program to Motivate Performance Marie started her chain of 10 wedding boutiques approximately five years ago. She presently operates within South Delhi and has been enjoying record profits. Marie’s wedding boutiques provide full-service amenities to future brides, including wedding planning services, custom fittings, and locating hard to find wedding dresses. Marie’s customer service philosophy is that customers are number one and must be satisfied with their purchases. However, recently there has been a rise in complaints regarding the lack of friendly service being provided, and three long standing employees have threatened to leave unless their compensation is adjusted in response to servicing Marie’s very demanding clients. Currently, Marie pays all of her staff the same base salary without any benefits. Marie feels that this approach promotes equity and eliminates any perceptions of favoritism between employees regarding compensation. Since receiving the negative complaints and the threats of some of her staff leaving, Marie has decided she needs to rethink her compensation philosophy and needs your help.

a. What are the specific problems with Marie’s current compensation program?

b. Discuss the types of compensation programs and plans available to Marie to motivate and retain her existing staff.

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