What is the probability of getting more than 12,000 hits

29 Mar

Decision Science


1. Three airlines serve a Srinagar. Airline ‘Amira’ has 50% of all the scheduled flights, airline ‘Biyas’ has 30%, and airline ‘chinar’ has the remaining 20%. Their on-time rates are 80%, 65%, and 40%, respectively.

Part 1) Draw the Probability tree diagram. (Note: You may use any software for this, like MS paint, MS office, etc.)

Part 2) A plane has just left on time. What is the probability that it was airline ‘Amira’?

2. Rashmi Dhar, manufacturer, and seller of ‘Kashmiri- kahwa’ through E-commers websites.

She wanted to know the effect of her spending in advertisement of ‘Kahwa’ on the sales, along with the other factors; ‘number of sales representatives’, ‘customer-satisfaction ratings’. For this research she has gathered the sales data in the following table, along with other necessary information.

Part 1) Define dependent and independent variables

Part 2) Write regression model equation only.

Part 3) Run regression analysis in EXCEL (copy all those tables from EXCEL and paste them in your document).

Part 4) Write the Interpretation of Regression statistics-table, ANOVA- table.

Write an interpretation (by referring P-value/ t-stat) on significant effect of independent variables on sales.



Sales of Kahwa (in INR) Spending in advertise (in INR) Number of sales Representatives (person) Customer-satisfaction ratings (1=highly dissatisfied to 5 = highly satisfied
Kupwara 55328 5512 1 1
Badgam 56251 8337 1 1
Leh-ladakh 57126 8788 4 1
Kargil 58739 8828 5 1
Punch 66984 9050 5 2
Rajouri 70676 10150 7 2
Kathua 73206 11236 8 2
Baramula 80571 12538 8 3
Bandipore 93168 13161 8 3
Srinagar 99432 13448 9 4


3.a. According to one survey in India, 75% of Instagram users love REELS. Suppose that 25 Instagram users (randomly selected) have been approached in the university located in vile parle. They have been asked about their status of like/ dislike the Instagram- REELS.

a) What is the probability that Exactly 15 of them would agree with the claim (or said they love Insta-REELS)?

b) What is the probability that Exactly 20 of them would agree with the claim (or said they love Insta-REELS)?

3.b. ‘Bhartdarshan’ is an Internet-based travel agency wherein customers can see videos of the cities they plan to visit. The number of hits daily is a normally distributed random variable with a mean of 10,000 and a standard deviation of 2,400.

a. What is the probability of getting more than 12,000 hits?

b. What is the probability of getting fewer than 9,000 hits?


Business Ethics, Governance & Risk


1. As a product manager you are responsible for a new hand sanitizer launched recently by your company, Health and Hygiene Ltd. Most of your business is offline through channel partners. You are considering a hybrid model of offline as well as online distribution channels (ecommerce platform). Prepare a note for your Marketing Head identifying five financial and five operational risk involved and classify them as high, medium and low, so that the reputation and stated values of your company are protected.

2. Select any one popular TV advertisement for any product/service that you find ethically wrong/inappropriate/ offensive. Using any one ethical decision-making model (three models covered in class during session1, chapter 2, or any other model) analyse and explain the ethical issues involved and why they are wrong /inappropriate /offensive, from the perspective of any three relevant stakeholders e.g., consumers, company/brand, section of society involved or targeted e.g., women, children etc.

3. Intelligent Services, your employer, prides itself on hiring minorities. One candidate fully fits the job requirements for an open position in your division. However, your boss is concerned that some of your customers will not understand the candidate’s limited command of the English language. You are the manager to whom this candidate will report, if selected.

a. What decision will you take and how will you explain/justify it to your boss?

b. Which two programs and/or processes will you introduce in your division to be able to successfully deploy many more such candidates in future?

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