Write a complaint letter to the Director of Consumer Grievance Redressal Cell based on the facts given below

29 Mar

Business Communication

1. You are the Team Leader with Amazon. A new group of interns has joined the company. You have been given the responsibility of explaining them how to draft business messages. You explain them about, ‘Adapting the message to Your Audience.’ This can be done by –

  • Using the You Attitude;
  • Maintaining Standard of Etiquette;
  • Emphasizing the Positive and
  • Using Bias Free Language.

Explain these giving appropriate examples of each.

2. Lisa, a commerce graduate, has been working in the field of Finance for the last 3 years. She now decides to do her post-graduation in management from a reputed college. As a part of her documents, Lisa requires a recommendation letter from her former professor. Imagining yourself to be Lisa, write a letter to your former professor requesting him to write a recommendation letter for you. Take care to refresh the professor’s memory because you had passed out three years ago. Creatively assume any other details that you need for writing the request letter.

3. Write a complaint letter to the Director of Consumer Grievance Redressal Cell based on the facts given below:

You are Jass Javvy. You bought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from Flipkart on 1 January 2022 for an amount of Rs.40,000. This included delivery and 40-day money-back offer. As the stand mixer did not perform satisfactorily you decide to return it to Flipkart and send it back on 5th January. You call the company every week and the representative inform you over phone that the transportation and handling charges as well as money equivalent to the price of the mixer, would be credited to your account. On 15th March you receive a statement for your credit card and to your dismay you find that no credit has been applied to your account for the mixer, its transportation and handling charges. You are dissatisfied and decide to write a complaint letter.

a. What is the appropriate ‘tone’ of a letter of claim? How will the tone affect the manner in which the reader responds? Explain.

b. Assume yourself to be Jass Javvy and write a complaint letter to Flipkart.

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