Analyze and evaluate any three internal processes and systems that you think

13 Sep

Business Ethics, Governance & Risk

1. Alok, a former employee of ABC Ltd has taken the proprietary customer list of the company to his new company, XYZ Ltd. According to you what are the moral issues involved here for both ABC Ltd as well as XYZ Ltd. What are the options available to his immediate boss at XYZ Ltd when Alok offers this list.

2. In this era of resources availability crisis can ethical consumerism influence/change business? Do you think ethical consumption is a moral choice? Evaluate your answer using any one ethical theory.

3. Ayesha is a successful Vice President, Finance since last 3 years of a mid size FMCG company recognized as a highly motivated, committed and capable executive across the organization. When the CEO of the company meets with an accident and is paralyzed the Company Board chooses to elevate Ayesha’s Junior, Nikhil, Vice President Marketing, just one year old in the company, as the next CEO. The organization is now largely divided into 2 factions, each favoring either Ayesha or Nikhil. You are the Head of Human Resources thinking of addressing this issue of gender discrimination.

a. According to you, which 5 factors influence the attitude of an individual towards gender bias? How can this attitude be changed/ overcome?

b. Analyze and evaluate any three internal processes and systems that you think would have prevented this situation from happening.

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