Bio -Technology Management

27 Jun

Q1) Define Bio technology and explain the meaning of old and new biotechnologies. Comment on the multidisciplinary nature and the commercial potential of bio technology?

Q2) Discuss the scope and importance of biotechnology in promoting human Welfare?

Q3) Define vector. Briefly describe the various kinds of vector in E. coli?

Q4) Describe in some detail the various strategies for the integration of DNA inserts into the vector?

Q5) Explain PCR procedure under the following heads:-

       a) PCR primers

       b) PCR efficiency

       c) Annealing temperature and

       d) Amplicon size.

Q6) List various variations of PCR Procedure and briefly describe the methods, logic and applications of any tow of these variations?

Q7) Briefly describe the various approaches for the production of virus resistant transgenic plants and compare their merits, demerits, and applications?

Q8) Discuss the various applications of transgenic plants, and the problems encountered in their productivity utilization?

Q9) Briefly describe the meaning of oil quality and explain the various approaches for the modification of oil quality through genetic transformation?

Q10) Briefly describe the meaning of starch quality and explain the various strategies for starch quality modification?

Q11) Discuss the role of biotechnology in health care giving suitable examples to support your views?

Q12) Define Vaccine. Briefly Explain the different types of vaccine and enumerate their advantages and limitations?

Q13) Define genetic disease. Briefly explain the techniques for their detection and modes of their therapy?

Q14) What Is drug Targeting?

Q15) Briefly outline the procedure for isolation?

Q16) Define downstream processing. Briefly describe the various steps in down stream processing?

Q17) Define enzyme. Briefly describe the major categories of fermentation, their requirements and applications.

Q18) What is bioreactor. Briefly describe major categories of fermentation, their requirements and application?

Q19) List down various types of metabolites produced of enzymes from microbes.

Q20) What are bio-control agents? Discuss their applications using suitable examples?

Q21) Define strain improvement and briefly discuss the various approaches used for strain improvement?


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