Brand Management – What would you suggest to Mother Dairy for its revitalization plan

12 Apr

What would you suggest to Mother Dairy for its revitalization plan.


Brand Management

1. In a competitive market of commodities, Ali plans to launch Organic milk in a country where people are new to the concept of organic and heavily rely on synthetic/chemical products. If Ali wants to launch this product, then how can branding help him. Define the name for the product & come up with a brand manual including all brand elements. Also design a marketing plan to push the product.

2. What is Strategic Brand Management Process that the Ali’s organic milk brand should follow? Explain the 4 steps.

3. Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables, a company with a billion-dollar (Rs 4,200-crore) turnover, has been a well-established player in NCR known for products the firm has been largest seller of milk in NCR , with 65% of the revenue being contributed by milk. Amul entered Delhi market few years back and in 2011 with in a span on 4years it defeated mother dairy in terms of market share. Amul procures fresh milk and packages it. Mother dairy adds powder milk in its products to the tune of 40%. This spoils the taste of the product. Also Amul is credited with more awareness and knowledge about its products amongst consumers. Amul is a leader in the ice cream segment of the country. Their capacity to develop products and gain market leadership helped them gain substantial share in the NCR region in the milk segment raising question marks on the brand equity of the company. Mother Dairy has been market leader in NCR for 35 years. Losing ground to Amul in 2011 in the milk segment is forcing company to rethink its strategy. They plan to increase their capacity and also expand procurement of the milk. One of the regions why

Consumer shifted to Amul has been difference in the taste of the milk. Amul milk is fresh where as a portion of Mother dairy milk is reconstituted. Mother dairy sells through its own outlets and home delivery is not possible where as Amul used channel and home delivery of the milk is possible. Mother dairy milk price has been less than the price of Amul milk, still a huge number of mother dairy loyal customers moved to Amul. Now Mother dairy is restructuring its strategy and systems to combat Amul.

a. What would you suggest to Mother Dairy for its revitalization plan.

b. What more challenges you foresee for the brand?


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