Business Communication APRIL 2020

04 Feb

Business Communication

1. The AlphaPlus Project that your company has been working relentlessly for is unfortunately being cancelled due to competition concerns and the state of the national economy. You, as the Project Lead, are to write an email to the employees working on the Alpha Plus Project. Since this is a case of negative news that might come as a shock to your employees, you decide to start the email with an effective buffer. What is a buffer? What are the different types of buffers? Give examples of any 4 buffers you might use in the above situation.

2. Convert the following sentences from active voice to passive voice. Discuss which sentence version is more effective.

a) We cannot authorize the repair of your Smart TV since you have allowed the warranty period to expire.

b) I cannot give you a cash refund for items that you purchased over 60 days ago.

c) Hinduja Hospital does not accept patients who are not members.

d) You must submit all reports by Friday 5 PM.

e) You added the 2 columns instead of subtracting them, thus producing the incorrect total.

3. You have just finished drafting a proposal for a coveted project. You want to make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

a. What are the different proofreading techniques you’d employ to make sure your proposal is error-free?

b. How would you make sure your proposal is readable? Name 2 Readability Indices you could use.



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