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Business Communication and Etiquette

Q 1) Share your most memorable interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions in the recent past at your workplace. Which principles govern interpersonal communication?

Q 2) As a customer relationship executive, it is your responsibility to convey the refusal of loan request to your loyal customer via a letter. What steps will you take while drafting the reply to ensure the customer continues to trust your services?

Q 3) You are the lead flight attendant on your aircraft. Your prime responsibility is to guide your crew to provide the best hospitality to the passengers so they prefer travelling with your airlines.

a) During greeting the passengers on board, two things are most important – eye contact and body language. What guidance will you provide to your crew on these important non-verbal behaviors?

b) If your team encounters an irate customer travelling alone with a baby who has been delayed by 7 hours owing to flight cancellation, how will you communicate so that the customer feels comfortable?

NMIMS Solved Assignments
Business Communication and Etiquette Solved Assignment

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