Business Marketing Management

29 Jun

A) Discuss Various Marketing Research Instruments .Give suitable examples (one example /instrument)?

B) Describe following in context of new product development (NPD)?

1. The new product development decision process

2. Risk factors hindering new product development

C) Illustrate the marketing mix for any two of the following?

1. Cafe Coffee Day

2. Dr. Batra’s clinic

3. Lux Soap

4. HP( Hewlett Packard)

D) Illustrate with examples, the differences between Product marketing & Services marketing?

E) Illustrate with examples, the methods/ways of evaluating advertising effectiveness?

F) Discuss the factors which contribute in deciding the “price” of the product? Discuss various pricing methods?

G) “Laco Industries “has planned to introduce new baby shampoo in the kids market. The company conducted a research in selected tier II cities in India to know the demand & successfully launched its product. In this context, discuss the characteristics of the good research?

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