Cloud Computing – How BetaTech can address the concerns raised by Mr Kausik?

12 Apr

How BetaTech can address the concerns raised by Mr Kausik?


Cloud Computing

1. Acme University has set up a committee to decide whether it should use cloud solution for the automation of Training & Placement function. You are invited as a subject matter expert on this committee. You are expected to specifically provide the recommendations for the most appropriate cloud deployment model and cloud service model. Your recommendation must be supported by proper justification.

2. Though all other partners of Acme Legal Associates seemed to be happy with the heavy discount proposed by the IT vendor for its SaaS solution, its one partner got concerned about signing up five-year agreement to get this discount. Not only the agreement is long term but is devoid of any SLAs. She has invited you to talk to all partners together about pros and cons of signing such long-term contract with a SaaS solution without much due diligence. What would you say in your formal presentation to them?

3. “More than anything else, I would be worried about the data security”, Mr Kausik started articulating his concerns after hearing the presentation of BetaTech. “I understand this is not our customer data as we will be collecting information from general public. But they will be sharing their personal details because they are sharing it with us. Our brand stands for trust and unless we are 100% sure that this data will not be seen or used by anyone other than us, we can’t go ahead with this solution.” Mr Kausik ended his statement while reaching out for a glass of water.

Mr Kausik was listening to the BetaTech’s proposal to organize an online competition on personal finance awareness. The proposal described how BetaTech will not only develop the IT solution but will entirely host the solution on cloud and will be made available to Mr Kausik’s company as a SaaS. It deliberated cost savings but refrained from describing how data will be handled and secured in the SaaS solution.

a. What kind of issues Mr Kausik would see through the proposal presented by BetaTech?

b. How BetaTech can address the concerns raised by Mr Kausik?

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